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It’s a MELP life…

I can’t believe a year has almost gone by here at Vermont Law School (VLS). It was last year in May that I made the decision to move to Vermont. I was currently employed by a non-profit organization, who worked with twenty-seven tribes with various issues such as health, emergency management, energy and environmental. In my eight years with the organization I felt a need for a deeper understanding of my current work. I worked with Tribal Governments and the State to encourage the communication and coordination on environmental impacts between the two entities. In the past, I have worked in various environmental media positions, such as an environmental technician, specialist and tribal-state environmental liaison. I decided that I needed something more to supplement my knowledge and Vermont Law School was the answer. I have begun to explore my own environmental advocacy through persuasive writing, but also enjoying the beautiful Green Mountains while in a summer Ecology course. I am learning so much about law and policy and continue to meet my goal of a deeper understanding of the law and policy that drives the environmental movement. Stay tuned for more VLS experiences as the rest of the year moves forward to new heights and opportunities as a MELP student.


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    I would love to talk with you more – I’m currently working as a community organizer with one of the most traditional Native Nations in North America, and likewise am looking to supplement my knowledge. I’m enrolled in MELP for next year. How are you finding the courses, are they satisfying that need? What do you plan to do afterward?

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      Yes the courses have given me a variety of perspectives and how I can apply it to current tribal issues. Overall the courses have been helpful in learning the law and policy of a particular issue, whether it be NEPA or other environmental statutes. VLS is a good place to start in terms of the introduction of law and policy. I plan to either work with the Department of Energy or a National Program addressing tribal air pollution issues. Please feel free to e-mail me at I would be more than happy to talk to you more. Good Luck!

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