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Author Archives: abush10

2 weeks left…

Like the other MELP bloggers, I cannot figure out where the time has gone. I cannot believe that we are 2 weeks out from finishing the Spring Semester here at VLS. That means just finals and a couple of Summer Semester courses. I was also lucky to get into the Summer courses I wanted and […]

In like a Lion out like a Lamb…

March started like a lion after the huge dumping of snow we got in late February. The weather actually started to turn warmer during Spring Break, but unfortunately it has become cold again. I had a feeling this would happen. This is New England where the weather changes as much as what will spur the […]

Winter is Back with a FORCE

Today we had our first official SNOW DAY this semester. For the past month, SORO has been a brown, ugly mess and today we got at least 1.5 feet of SNOW!!!!! As of right now, the snow is still falling and there is another storm piggy backing this storm. SORO might receive another 2 feet […]

Job Summit

Today was the Job Summit at VLS. It was sponsored by Career Services and had several different types of panels. The day started with a MELP only panel, while the JD/LLM students had their own separate panel. The MELP panel consisted of two graduates who talked about their life experiences before and after attending VLS. […]

Is it Spring?

The weather has been playing tricks on South Royalton. People all throughout town cannot figure out if it is Spring or Winter. I know it is January, so it should be snowing, but we just had a whole day of heavy rain, which got rid of most of the snow that was left. Then it […]

Back to School

So the Spring Semester started on Wednesday, which followed a Monday schedule. Already we have had 3 days of classes and have the day off tomorrow (MLK Day). So this week will again be a shorter week. This semester I am taking two required courses, CERCLA, Air Pollution and auditing Risk Assessment. It has only […]

Just a Dusting!

As another MELP blogger posted, it started snowing here yesterday afternoon. It was a very light snow and then it started to pick up as the day wore on. Though at the end of the storm, there was only a dusting. According to several weather forecasts, there are chances for some more ‘flurries’ in the […]

Just another Friday Night…

This past Friday night was Specific Performance.  It was AWESOME!!!!!!  There is another one next semester also, I am already planning on attending.  If you are like me and do not know what it is, well basically it is a Talent Show.  Yes, I know what you are thinking, “A Talent Show at a Law […]

Career Services Visit

About a month ago I sat down with someone in Career Services to talk over the options I had. I wanted to utilize both my BS and eventually MS degrees. My BS is in Occupational Safety and Environmental Health, basically OSHA, EPA, ergonomics, safety management, etc… can fit under that major. The MELP also has […]

Fall Break and Some Suggestions

Unlike most of the students, I stayed in SORO during Fall Break.  I was hoping to accomplish A LOT of work, but unfortunately got a case of the common cold.  I did accomplish some work despite the sneezing.  The one adventure I did go on was to Woodstock, VT, where two of my friends and […]