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Author Archives: akhein

VLS Bunnies!

I know I just wrote, but I had to provide an update on the VLS campus bunnies! There is one quite large, black rabbit that has been on campus for some time now. He can usually be found somewhere around the library quad. It was funny to see him out and about as the snow […]

Feelin’ It

I am in no way ready for this semester to be over, although I am quite ready for this current work load to be over. Last night I was up working until 2:00 and woke up and was hard at work again by 6:00. I feel like tonight could be a similar night. You should […]

The Joy of Living in SoRo

I would highly recommend living in South Royalton during your time at VLS. The most obvious reason is not having to drive everyday in the winter. However my real reasoning is because of the sense of community that exists. The past two days have really reminded me of this. Nothing can replace the experience that […]

Three Weeks and Counting

Happy Earth Day!! Go do something outside. It snowed for four hours yesterday, April 21. It was beautiful, although I sure am ready for it to be spring. Despite temperatures in the 30s and snow yesterday, today is supposed to be sunny and 55. You know what this means? I am going running! It’s nice […]

Summer Classes

I know that I just wrote, but I forgot to mention that we got to register for summer classes (finally!) this past week. I am going to take Ocean and Coastal Law, Ecology, and Managing Human Impacts on the Oceans. I am super excited about the ocean courses. I had the option to waive ecology […]

Spring has arrived in SoRo!

I have been in a fantastic mood the past few days because spring has finally poked its head out in SoRo! Most of the snow has melted and the grass is turning green. The sun is shining. People have popped out of the woodwork. SoRo was very quiet and empty during the winter, but that […]

Ocean and Coastal Law

This semester, and this week in particular, has been a fantastic time to be at VLS if your heart, like mine, lies with the oceans. This past Friday VLS held an Ocean Law Conference. ┬áMore than ten distinguished ocean scholars, including scientists, policy analysts, attorneys, professors, and various directors all came to VLS to discuss […]

Six Weeks To Go

I checked my calendar today and realized that there are only six weeks left in the semester, and this includes the two weeks of final exams. Holy cow, time is flying by! Although I am in need of a break from classes, I do wish the semester would put on the breaks. I love it […]

Bogged Down

I am so overwhelmed with work right now that I can’t hear myself think. In the next six weeks I have to finish three twenty-page papers and complete a communications campaign project. One of my papers terrifies me because it requires me to write legal language for amendments to the United Nations Convention on the […]

VT Maple Weekend

This past weekend was Vermont Maple Weekend, in which sugarmakers across the state opened up their sugarhouses for the public to see how maple syrup is made. Two other people and I ventured out to Sweet Maple Alpacas farm to visit their sugarhouse. This operation was run by a family with 450 maple trees. On […]