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Author Archives: boakleaf

Second to last night in SoRo.

I had my first day of work today in Burlington. I was up at 5:15 this morning and didn’t get back to SoRo until 7:15 tonight. It has been a long day and I’m psyched to only have to make that commute once. I’m moving to Winooski on Sunday with the help of some joint […]

Brazilians, balloons, and veggie burgers

It has taken me a bit to get into the swing of summer classes. I gave everything I had and then some to get through spring semester after a disappointing fall. The good news is that is worked! I was very skeptical that it would and although I’m not partial to religious practices, resulted to […]

Study Break

Its day 2 of exam period and I’ve been working on my take home exam like mad. Although I have a week to complete it technically, I actually have less time than that. Its due on the same day that I have to take my Environmental Law in class exam. That means that I really […]

Sources of News and Information

I had a joint degree student ask me recently what news sources I read to keep up with some of the latest on environmental politics, policies, legislation, and case decisions. Besides being brought back to the infamous Katie Couric interview with a former VP candidate, it also made me think of what I would say […]

Study Guides

My stress over exams is affecting me differently this time around. I’m trying to go with the “work smarter, not harder,” philosophy. Reviewing my exams with my professors at the beginning of this semester was very beneficial, as was visiting Professor Vesiland in the Academic Success Program (ASP). I was unable to make a continued […]

Last Day!

WHOOHOO! Finally made it through 3.5 months of coursework. I have 2 classes behind me and 2 exams ahead. One will be a take home (a favorite style for Professor Judy), and the other will be in-class take home. I only recently found out that the take home is due on the 12th because of […]

Earth Day

Its really been Earth Week here at VLS actually. The Environmental Law Society has a committee dedicated to creating and carrying out engaging events for the students and staff throughout the week. Monday kicked off with a “tailgate” party on the back Debevoise lawn. The turnout for a Monday far surpassed the group’s expectations. Although […]

Class Reception

Last night was the reception for graduating students in Yates. It naturally had a main focus on the law students but that was not for lack of inclusion my the commencement committee. All graduating students were invited to attend and submit pictures for the slide show. I did not actually see any that had any […]

Final days at my spring internship

Thursday was my last day at my internship with Toxics Action Center. It has been a remarkable opportunity to work/volunteer with them this spring. I feel completely rewarded for all of the experiences in the non-profit sector I have had with them. It has been tough balancing 4 classes, personal hobbies, social time with friends, […]

One down. Three to go!

Wow! How exciting is that!? I just completed my campaign presentation for my Environmental Advocacy and Writing class today. That is a MELP only class which is quite a relief from the other doctrinal classes you will end up taking. I worked with two other friends probably about 20 to 25 hours on the written […]