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Author Archives: chelsealm

Another dam blog post!

Yep, that’s right. I’m going to post again about dam removal. I just can’t help it. There are just too many cool things happening right now not to post about it. Mostly, it’s just about the Elwha River in Washington, but there have been some great videos, an essay, and really exciting news that I […]

Some updates

I first wanted to post some updates about the Elwha Dam removal in Washington state. Things are happening over there, and it’s pretty cool. It’s neat to have dam removals happening on both coasts at the same time. This blog post has some cool photos to show the new sediment coming down the river. Although […]


What I’m about to share may be a little strange. I know. But, it’s also super cool, so I’m going to share it anyways. Over the past month or so, several mornings we’ve woken up to find multiple (as many as 9 at one time!) luna moths on the side of our house. I’m including […]

Dam removal begins on the Penobscot!

I have to write about this momentous event — deconstruction began on one of the first of several dams to be either removed or retrofitted for fish passage on the Penobscot River in Maine. For me, this is such a cool thing because I remember first learning about the possibility for dam removal on the […]

Sow to stay sane

Here’s an idea for a good, ongoing study break from early spring through the summer: plant a garden! It will definitely take some work, but it will let you get dirty, sweaty, and hopefully full (assuming your seeds grow into something edible). From the little reading I’ve done so far, the closer your garden is […]

The birds are here!

May (and early June) is a wonderful time in Vermont because the migratory birds come back to visit (and breed, which is of course, their main objective.) It means that suddenly, after watching chickadees, blue jays, and goldfinches come to our feeders for months, we’re now finally getting those birds, plus a lot more (and […]

All politics are local…

If only that were true! I just spent an hour listening to Congressman Peter Welch talk to a group of concerned and engaged Vermonters at the South Royalton Co-op. I was so impressed by Congressman Welch’s ability to really connect with people, and to provide thoughtful, practical, logical responses to real concerns. If only more […]

Something different

When you’re at VLS, I strongly recommend that you go to as many talks, presentations, activities as you can. Or at least go to a lot. Yesterday, I went to two very different talks at VLS. One was on the energy future of Vermont, in light of the recent decision on Vermont Yankee. In case […]

Another cool dam removal video

Here is a cool dam removal video I just watched yesterday: It’s for the Elwha River in Washington State. You know, although environmentalists are probably very excited about this, my guess is that there are engineers and people who like explosives who are also excited by this. The comment at the very end of […]

Searching for a new Dean

I just wanted to report on the process that’s currently happening here at VLS. The law school is looking for a new dean, and so all of the final candidates are coming to the campus to visit and meet with different people. Even if you don’t have a special meeting with the candidates, each one […]