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Author Archives: esmoore


I finished my masters degree last week. It is a very surreal feeling to be done, especially after just one year. It’s also strange because so many people have trickled away from here as they finished this summer, so the ending was kind of anti-climatic. I already wrote about how great the year was, so […]

Coming to a close

Tomorrow is the last day of classes, which has a very surreal feeling to it. I can’t believe an entire year has flown by as quickly as it has; it’s unbelievable. This year has been really remarkable. I’ve made quite a few really good friends, hopefully life-long ones and learned more than I even realize, […]


Yesterday was a small graduation ceremony and reception for the MELPs and LLMs. It was really nice and very enjoyable. The ceremony was short and sweet, with Deans Shields and Mihaly speaking briefly and the presentation of the graduates with the opportunity for each graduate to say a few words if they chose. Our class […]

Summer Session

Ecology was a good ease into the summer class schedule. I believe I mentioned in my last post that it is a little difficult getting used to having the same class every day and reading for that class each evening. But now it’s becoming more routine. I’m taking Nuclear Power right now and it’s also […]

Summer Time!

The first week of classes is over and so far, so good. I’m taking Ecology right now, which I highly recommend if you don’t waive out of it. We spend 1/3 of the time in the classroom and 2/3 of the time outside, tromping around Vermont learning about trees, birds, and other ecological issues first […]

one more down, one more to go…

I just finished with another semester and it sure does feel good!  Although, now that I have a little bit of free time with which to play, the weather isn’t cooperating… It’s nice to have another semester’s worth of work behind me.  I definitely learned a lot this semester, including some very practical skills for […]

knockin’ ’em out

I turned in two papers on Thursday, meaning that I am officially done with two of my four classes.  And what a great feeling that is!  A huge weight was taken off  my shoulders regardless of the fact that I still have to make sense of admin law before my exam…  So instead of rambling […]

Exams v. Papers

I used to be a paper person.  I wrote so many papers in undergrad, I felt like I could write them in my sleep. So I was a little worried when I got to grad school and knew that all my classes would probably be evaluated by exam instead of papers, especially considering I hadn’t […]

Spring has sprung!

One of the things I enjoy the most about living in an area with a relatively cold winter is the spring.  Once the weather starts to turn even a little bit, people get so happy and excited that almost everyone spends a decent amount of time outside.  It’s been raining a decent amount lately, but […]


VLS hosted yet another symposium today.  The school is really good at getting excellent speakers here throughout the year to lecture on and discuss various topics.  From my informal tally, I believe today marked the fourth or fifth of these symposiums. Today’s was called “Solutions” and was the 5th annual conference.  It brings experts from […]