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Author Archives: farleighwolfe

Last Day of Summer Classes for Me

This is it, I’ve reached the end of my time at VLS. Sitting through my final class, taking the final and packing a few boxes are the only things standing in the way of hitting the road and heading back to DC. This has been an amazing experience and I’ve loved just about every moment. […]

Spring Semester= Done!

It felt so liberating to turn in my last final at 11:45am on Wednesday. It was due at 12:00 and I’d been stressing and obsessing about it for the entire finals period. 5 classes can do that to a person. The moment I turned it in a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, but […]

Reading Days and Onward

This weekend was beautiful, so I enjoyed every last minute outside. Spring has finally arrived, and it is out in full force. The daffodils have emerged and the trees are almost in bloom! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be able to sit outside to do work. The apartment I live in […]

2011 MELP Class Photo

Today all 36 MELPs are requested to come together and have our class photo taken. A photographer comes to take a picture of our group that we are presented at the MELP graduation in July and that hangs in Chase so future MELP classes can marvel at our tremendous good looks and intelligence. I joke, […]

A Weekend in South Royalton

I took a quick break from the grind of school and a very cold and dreary Spring in South Royalton last weekend by heading to Washington, DC. It was wonderful to be away; I returned to VT with a sun burn from attending EPA Earth Day events on the National Mall. This weekend however, I […]

Earth Week

Earth Week and the end of the semester are upon us! I am not going to write about the huge amount of work I need to get done, or the stress of the finals looming over each and every one of us. Instead I’m going to show you the VLS Earth Week schedule starting this […]

Making Decisions

Yesterday we registered for our final courses at VLS. It was a bittersweet moment for me as I’ve loved my time here, but I also miss my old life. The life of taking public transportation, getting a real paycheck, having real weekends without the pressure of deadlines and readings, going to movies and attending my […]

Admitted Student Visiting Day

Tomorrow is Admitted Student Visiting Day! It is hard to believe that exactly one year ago, I was counting down the hours until I hit the road to visit South Royalton and check out VLS. A lot has happened over the course of the year, but it feels just like yesterday when I pulled the […]

Resources in South Royalton

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the resources available to VLS students in South Royalton. For a very small town, there are quite a few resources that are very helpful to know about while you are a student. The town’s library is small, but full of many great books and has reading hours for […]

A Break from Snow and Ice

I’m in Washington, DC for Spring Break spending time with my husband, and it is lovely to be away for a while. Seeing green grass, taking public transportation, not wearing snow-boots and my huge winter coat (or any coat at all) and being able to easily go to a movie and eat spicy, ethnic food […]