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Author Archives: Leigh

Porter Hypothesis

So I don’t remember learning about this at VLS (which is not to say I didn’t, it just didn’t stick) but I got to attend a Resources for the Future Lecture last night on the Porter Hypothesis, and what’s happened in the 20 years since the paper describing it was published. For those of you […]

The Other Side of the Table

I got to help hire a new employee in our office over the past few weeks. It was a fantastic opportunity to view the interview process from across the table. I received emails from applicants, read through cover letters and resumes, telephoned potential interviewees and interviewed the top candidates. It was eye-opening to hear how […]

DC in Winter

When I first moved to Vermont, everyone warned me that I was in for a real New England winter. That I, silly California girl, wouldn’t last. Well Vermont had an unseasonably easy winter last year, while Washington DC got hit by “Snowmageddon”. I then moved to DC following the completion of my MELP, confident that […]

Thanksgiving in DC

I had family come to visit me in DC this year for Thanksgiving. I thought back to last year, when I had dinner at Dean Jefferson’s house. She took in all the stray VLSers who couldn’t make it home for the holiday weekend. It was so nice of her, but nothing beats family. I had […]

DC VLS Alumni Meet and Greet

Last night there was a small meet and greet at Post Moderne Brasserie. It was fun to see a couple familiar faces currently doing SIPs in the area, and meet some alums who attended VLS before my time there. We had a bit of conversation surrounding Crossroads debauchery, which professors are still around, etc. It […]

Scholarship Opportunity

I was doing some work today, and stumbled across a scholarship that would be awesome for current VLS students. Check out theĀ Gloria Barron Scholarship through the Wilderness Society. Looks like an ideal scholarship for a current or incoming MELP šŸ™‚

Board Meeting

I went to my first board meeting this past weekend in Milford, PA. As the Communications and Development person, I am sort of a board liaison, so I had to attend the cocktail hour and board dinner to break bread with my board members, and get to know their spouses. It was actually a pretty […]

Solar Roads

Solar powered roadways may be the wave of the future. As petroleum costs rise, building the same old asphalt roads we’ve been using for decades will no longer seem like the best option. Instead, harnessing the energy that roads already attract to power LED displays that convey safety messages, or light the way at night […]

DMV Drama – Moving Sucks

I have had so much difficulty with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. Finally got my Maryland driver’s license a few weekends back, but apparently they won’t do vehicle services on weekends – for whatever obviously completely arbitrary reason. That means I have to take a day off of work to get my plates and registration […]

Fall in DC

I remember this time last year the gorgeous turning of the leaves in Vermont. DC is finally getting some proper fall weather, crisp air, cool winds, some occasional rain that makes me dream of hot apple cider. It’s brought up a new set of things to consider. As a Southern Californian, I’m still mastering the […]